10 of the Best Body Scrubs to Awake and Exfoliate Your Skin

By Tara | Updated: 15/10/2023

If you’re a coffee lover, you already know the invigorating power of a fresh cup. But did you know that coffee can offer similar rejuvenating effects for your skin? Packed with antioxidants and natural exfoliants, coffee scrubs are a skincare revelation that can help you scrub away dead skin cells, boost circulation, and even reduce the appearance of cellulite.

So, grab your favourite brew and read on for our curated list of the best coffee scrubs guaranteed to give your skin a whole latte love.

10 Best Coffee Scrubs to Buy in Australia

Frank Body The Original Coffee Scrub

Frank Body The Original Coffee Scrub
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Once this coffee scrub hit the market it was game-changing. While a body scrub was nothing revolutionary, Frank Body offered a convenient and affordable coffee scrub that users quickly became ‘obsessed’ with.

They created the perfect ‘blend’ of Robusta coffee grinds, Vitamin E, sea salt and cold-pressed sweet almond oil. Frank Body scrub exfoliates away the flaky skin and leaves your skin glowing and incredibly soft and supple.

Pure Body Naturals, Organic Kona Arabica Coffee Scrub

Pure Body Naturals, Organic Kona Arabica Coffee Scrub


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Pure Body Naturals offers an at-spa experience with this arabica Coffee Scrub. It’s specifically formulated to target cellulite, stretch marks, acne and eczema skin. Coffee grounds and mineral-rich salts exfoliate away dead cells and leave your skin smooth and firm. Sweet almond oil and grape seed oil add a boost of nourishment, making it suitable for every skin type.

Salt By Hendrix Body Buff

SALT BY HENDRIX Body Buff - Coffee
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Created with natural ingredients, the Coffee + Marula Oil Body Buff works to remove dead skin cells, while boosting circulation and reinvigorating skin.

Infused with salt, sugar, and moisture-rich oils, this body scrub will gently buff the skin while simultaneously replenishing skin with moisture. After just one use, the skin will be left feeling soft, smooth and glowing.

Body Blendz Coffee Buff Coffee Scrub

Coffee Buff Coffee Body Scrub


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Get ready to pamper your skin with Body Blenz Coffee Scrub. Formulated with Coffea Arabica powdered coffee beans and a blend of nourishing oils, this coffee body scrub will exfoliate, revitalise and hydrate your skin. It’s packed with antioxidant-rich oils that will reveal your skin’s radiance.

The invigorating coffee scent will wake up your mind and body with each use.

endota Organics Coffee & Coconut Resurfacing Polish

endota organics Coffee & Coconut Resurfacing Polish
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This creamy body scrub is a skin-polishing delight. It combines the benefits of coffee and coconut. The coconut husk gently exfoliates the skin, while the essential oils and coffee stimulate circulation and rejuvenate the skin.

This Body scrub can be used in the shower 1-2 times a week, using circular motions while paying extra attention to any dry place on your body.

Natio Spirit Desert Lime + Salt Coffee Scrub

Natio Spirit Desert Lime Salt Coffee Scrub


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This skincare treasure is crafted with natural ingredients to get the most benefits for your body. The coffee parts combined with the coffee bean oil, energise the body and help you achieve firm skin. The Desert Lime extract is rich in vitamin C which acts as an antioxidant.

The formula is enriched with shea butter, olive oil and sweet almond oil, three ultra-moisturising oils that leave the skin hydrated.

Sukin Coffee & Coconut Exfoliating Masque

Sukin Coffee And Coconut Exfoliating Masque


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For mask lovers, this product is for you. A 2-in-1 creamy skin-loving scrub, formulated with coconut and coffee beans, locally sourced.

Enriched with aloe vera and Vitamin E, this body scrub is especially useful for dry skin conditions such as rough patches. It leaves the skin smooth and soft, but don’t rinse it immediately. Leave it on the skin for 15 minutes as a mask to get the full benefits.

Saya Coffee Body Scrub

Saya Coffee Body Scrub


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If you like sweet and salty, you should try Saya Coffee Body Scrub. A buttery scrub created with the right balance of physical exfoliating ingredients and nourishing oil. Ground coffee, raw sugar and sea salt will gently exfoliate away dead skin cells leaving it smooth and and free of ingrown hair.

After using this scrub, your skin feels soft and nourished due to shea butter, coconut oil and other natural oils rich in fatty acids. Kakadu Plum, known for its high concentration of Vitamin C, is a great addition for anyone who’s looking to even skin tone.

The Benefits of Coffee Scrubs

There are different ways you can exfoliate your skin. There’s chemical exfoliation, using a mitt or a general body scrub. So, why are coffee scrubs so popular?

Here are some key benefits of coffee scrubs:


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Australian brand of coffee scrubs?

Frank Body is the most well-known and loved Australian coffee scrub brand globally. Since launching their now infamous coffee scrub in 2013, they have seen enormous success globally and are now stocked in the U.K., America, Europe and South East Asia.

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Are coffee scrubs good for your skin?

Coffee scrubs can be beneficial for the skin; they can exfoliate the skin and promote a smoother complexion while protecting it from free radicals and stimulating blood circulation. However, it would help if you were gentle as scrubbing too hard can damage the skin. It’s also not advised to use a body scrub on your face as the texture can be way too aggressive and abrasive and may cause irritation.

How many times a week should I use a coffee scrub?

The general rule is to exfoliate 1-3 times a week. Sensitive and delicate skin types it’s better to use coffee scrubs once a week to avoid over-exfoliating.

What is the best way to use a coffee scrub?

There’s no denying, coffee scrubs can get messy! The best way to apply is to wet the skin first. Get a handful of scrub and apply it using circular motions. Avoid sensitive areas of the body like the eye area, but pay extra attention to the rough areas like knees, elbows and heels.

Rinse and apply a moisturiser or body oil.

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Can I make my own coffee scrub?

Yes! Ultimately, you can make your own scrub using leftover ground coffee.

Who should use a coffee scrub?

They are safe to use on most skin types. Unless you have extremely sensitive and reactive skin. Those with dry skin may wince at the thought of exfoliation, but it can actually be really hydrating for the skin.

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