From Bum Bum to Body Butter: 8 of the Best Body Firming Creams for Smoother Skin

By Tara | Updated: 28/11/2023

I am a strong believer in treating the skin on your body like you would your face. Moisturiser, mists, oils and SPF are all part of my body care routine to ensure my skin stays hydrated, moisturised and protected — particularly in the colder months.

Body-firming creams go beyond moisturising. Some claim to be a ‘gym plan in a bottle’. They promise to firm your skin, tone and target cellulite. But do they actually do what they claim?

Before I review my favourite body creams, let’s set the expectations straight. Firming creams, at best, do what they say: increase your skin’s firmness. They are not meant to be a weight loss method, and they can do only so much when it comes to cellulite. If you’re looking to integrate anti-ageing ingredients into your body care routine, check out our other article on the best retinol body lotions.

8 of the Best Body Firming Creams to Buy in Australia

Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream

'Sol de Janeiro' Brazilian Bum Bum Cream


"Best mositurising cream out there!"

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Bum Bum Cream by Sol de Janeiro is a cult favourite product when it comes to firming and smoothing skin.  It’s well known for its bright, distinct tub and signature Cheirosa ’62 fragrance scent — with notes of pistachio, salted caramel and vanilla.

Sol de Janeiro’s Bum Bum Cream is more than just a moisturiser. Infused with Cupuacu Butter, Coconut and Brazil Nut oil, this cream nourishes the skin while also firming it.

The secret ingredient is Guarana extract, known for its high caffeine content and energy-boosting properties. The extract helps to tighten and smooth the skin while stimulating micro-circulation for a healthier, more vibrant appearance. With Bum Bum Cream, you can enjoy both the luxurious feel of a moisturiser and the firming benefits of high-quality body cream.

BIOSSANCE Squalane + Caffeine Toning Body Cream

Squalane + Caffeine Toning Body Cream


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With the tick of approval from Kate Hudson and Reece Witherspoon, Squalane + Caffeine Toning Body Cream from clean beauty brand, Biossance is another well-loved and effective option.

The product is formulated with three hero ingredients; caffeine from Green Coffee Beans, Niacinamide and Squalane. The caffeine works to firm the skin, while niacinamide helps strengthen the skin barrier, and sugarcane-derived squalane helps with penetration. Squalane mimics skin’s natural lipids and moisturises it.

You can get the fragranced version if you like aromatherapy or the fragrance-free version if you have sensitive skin.

Elemis Targeted Toning Body Moisturizer

Elemis Targeted Toning Body Moisturizer


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Elemis London’s Targeted Toning Body Moisturizer is a highly-rated body care product that promises to deliver visibly firmer and smoother skin. This luxurious cream transforms from a rich texture to a delicate oil upon application, leaving a silky smooth finish on the skin. Infused with a slight floral scent, this moisturiser is the perfect addition to your body care routine.

While the price tag of $164.00 for 200ml may be a drawback for some, many users find that the results are worth the investment. The Targeted Toning Body Moisturizer is intended to be used in conjunction with a massage for optimal results, helping to tighten, tone, and firm the skin.

If you’re looking for a high-quality body cream that delivers visible results, the Elemis London Targeted Toning Body Moisturizer may be just what you need.

Kissed Earth Enrich Collagen Body Butter

Kissed Earth Enrich Collagen Body Butter


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Australian brand Kissed Earth is widely known for its collagen supplements, however, their range of skincare products doesn’t get talked about often enough.

The Enrich Collagen Body Butter is packed with cold-pressed oils and rich butter to hydrate and moisturise the skin, as well as collagen to plump the skin. It has a luxurious, thick buttery texture and feels very nourishing on the skin and subtle natural fragrance of Vanilla, Sandalwood, Jasmine & Ylang Ylang,

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Body Blendz Face & Body Anti-Cellulite Lotion

BodyBlendz Face & Body Anti-Cellulite Lotion


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This lotion is supposed to be suitable for the body and face and it claims to target sagging skin, cellulite, dryness and even slimming effects on the skin.

It’s formulated with Green Coffee Seed Extract, which contains caffeine and helps with micro-circulation and improves skin elasticity, Pineapple Extract works as a gentle exfoliation and can potentially help smoothen out the skin, as well as nourishing oils for hydrated and nourished skin.

Even though caffeine can be beneficial in improving the appearance of cellulite, no creams can treat it because they don’t treat the root of the problem. So, it’s very important to have realistic expectations. 

PALMER’S Cocoa Butter Formula Firming Butter

PALMER'S Cocoa Butter Formula Firming Butter


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Palmer’s Firming Butter is a good reminder that you don’t need to break the bank for a good body cream. This product is marketed especially towards people who’ve experienced weight loss or after pregnancy to help restore and firm the body. 

Like every other body cream, it is formulated with nourishing butter and oils like Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter and collagen to seal all the moisture. The active ingredient in this firming body butter is Coenzyme Q10, a fat-soluble ingredient found naturally in the body. This enzyme prevents collagen degradation and promotes skin cell rejuvenation. Along with Vitamin E and Ginseng, they will revitalize the skin and improve its appearance.

Clarins Body Firming Extra-Firming Cream

Clarins Body Firming Extra-Firming Cream


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Clarins Extra-Firming Cream is a body-firming and tightening cream formulated with 96% natural ingredients. Its effects are based on combining two special plant extracts, Petasites and Mitracarpus extract. The Clarins Laboratories, in collaboration with Karolinska Institutet in Sweden, have studied these two plant extracts that resulted in a new scientific discovery: they fight skin sagging at multiple levels, and together they form a potent skin-firming and tightening duo. Of course, more studies by third parties need to be done, but the results are promising.

In addition to the firming benefits, Aloe Vera Extract and Shea Butter offer a cooling effect and long-lasting moisture for the skin.

The product has a rich, distinct Clarins scent and a soft creamy texture that melts onto the skin as you apply it.

Augustinus Bader The Body Cream

Augustinus Bader The Body Cream


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The Body Cream by Augustinus Bader is a luxurious skincare cream that combines cutting-edge technology with meticulously selected natural ingredients to deliver unparalleled results.

Formulated with the brand’s proprietary TFC8® technology, a complex that stimulates the body’s natural rejuvenation processes at a cellular level to promote collagen production and improves elasticity, resulting in visibly firmer and smoother skin over time.

The Body Cream contains a curated blend of nourishing ingredients like shea butter and Bisabolol for hydration and to promote a healthy skin barrier. The cream’s indulgent rich texture absorbs effortlessly, leaving behind a velvety soft and supple feel. It’s also worth noting its fragrance-free.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Firming Creams Work?

The substance that gives the skin structure and makes up about 70-80% of the body is collagen. Collagen is a protein that has essential roles in the skin besides just giving it strength and structure. It replaces dead skin cells, helps the blood clot, and protects our organs.

While aging, collagen production starts to drop, and different internal and external factors degrade existing collagen. This results in saggy skin.

The function of firming creams is to stimulate collagen production and make the skin appear tauter. To achieve this, body creams should do more than just moisturise. They have to be formulated with active ingredients that stimulate and/or prevent collagen breakdown, such as retinol, caffeine, peptides, vitamin C and many more.

Do Body Firming Creams Really Work?

Maybe. It is not a very promising answer, but the truth is that many firming creams are formulated poorly, and those with good ingredients just improve the appearance at best. Nothing can help our body produce more elastin fibres, the ones responsible for our skin’s elasticity. What active ingredients can do is improve the shape of elastin fibres and increase collagen production, which can result in an improvement of the appearance of the skin. 

Can Body Firming Creams Help with Sagging Skin?

Some firming creams form some sort of ‘filter’ on the skin that offers temporary results and it vanishes as soon as you wash it off. This filter gives the idea that the skin is tighter and the cream may be working, but the truth is different.

There are some ingredients that can help improve sagging skin, like topical retinoids, antioxidants, caffeine, exfoliants and, most importantly sunscreen, (to prevent premature aging). The truth is that the effect of firming creams cannot compare to medical procedures, so you should have realistic expectations. 

Can You Put Elasticity Back in Skin?

The answer is no. Elastine and collagen have big molecules, and cannot be absorbed by our skin. Some companies use smaller molecules, but even if they did get absorbed, they could not be fused with the skin’s collagen and elastin.

In conclusion, firming creams don’t do miracles and the truth is that a lot of companies actually create moisturising buttery creams that just give the illusion of working. Try to read the ingredient list and look for active ingredients such as retinol, caffeine, peptides etc. Then you know that the product may help with sagging skin, but workout, medical procedures and prevention are always going to be more effective.

If you have any more questions on body firming creams, enter your comment below!

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