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Behind Beauty Space

Hi, I am Tara, the Founder of Beauty Space.

Beauty Space was born in 2018 to bring together my love of beauty, writing and photography. 

Around the same time, Australian beauty started to get global recognition and brands have been in high demand.

Since then, an explosion of new brands hit the market – a stark difference from what was available when I was growing up. There are now more affordable and accessible options for beauty consumers than ever before. However, it also meant it could be harder for a consumer to separate hype from substance.

This created the perfect opportunity to start a dedicated place for all things beauty.

Beauty Space has since grown to be a go-to source for beauty lovers for reviews and recommendations, hair and skincare secrets, and beauty news and inspiration. 

My Philosophy

Digestible: I strongly believe in providing straightforward, easy-to-understand information. While the world of beauty and skincare can sometimes feel like a labyrinth, my mission is to simplify it. Here, you’ll find everything broken down into digestible chunks so that everyone, from skincare novices to beauty gurus, can understand.

Accurate: Where needed, I support my content with commentary from leading experts such as dermatologists, doctors, skin therapists, dentists and more to explain and provide context to complex information. This is done through first-person reviews or citing reputable sources and studies.

What Will You Find Here?

Beauty Space primarily focuses on reviews, product roundups, how-to guides, and articles on new product releases and celebrity beauty news.

With a target audience ranging from women in their early 20’s to those in their 60s—and even men keen to explore skincare—we aim to offer something for everyone.

The tone here is conversational; think of each post as a chat over coffee with a friend who wants to help you look and feel your best.


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