6 ‘High Maintenance to Be Low Maintenance’ Beauty Treatments I Swear By

By Tara | Updated: 10/07/2024

One of the most popular trends to emerge in 2023 was ‘High Maintenance to be Low Maintenace” beauty habits with over 66.2 million views on TikTok.

Not a groundbreaking concept, the trend is about users sharing the beauty and self-care treatments they do regularly that help make their lives easier or cut down time in their daily routine.

As someone with a busy life, this is a trend I can get behind. If getting a beauty treatment now and then can save me time, or mean that I can wear less makeup, then I am all for it!

TikTok users have shared hundreds of creative high-maintenance, low-maintenance beauty habits like overnight heatless curls and ‘tantouring’ (fake tan + contouring). While I have yet to try some of these time-saving beauty hacks, these are some of the ones I swear by in my beauty routine.

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Try These 'High Maintenance to Be Low Maintenance' Beauty Habits

Lash Lift

I have seriously straight natural lashes and find this is one of the most worthwhile beauty treatments. The process takes about an hour and you only need to get it done every three to four weeks.

A lash technician will apply a chemical to essentially ‘perm’ the lashes. I always opt for the tint too as I have lighter lashes.

Not only do your lashes look great, but it also means I don’t need to apply mascara which saves me time in my makeup routine.

Frequency: Every 3 – 4 weeks


As a natural brunette who dyes my hair blonde, I try to avoid salon visits too frequently. Not only is it damaging to the hair, but it can get expensive!

When I go in for my regular colour, I always opt for face-framing highlights and balyage. This allows for more of my natural colour to come through as it grows out. Instead of a stark regrowth line that needs more frequent touch-ups.

Frequency: Every 6 weeks

Brow Microblading and Home Tints

Brow microblading has been a game-changer for my beauty routine, saving me so much time from filling in my brows. It’s a semi-permanent treatment that only needs to be done every few years. The brow technician will use a thin blade to create small strokes to replicate the look of brow hairs.

Between treatments the colour of my brows does fade so I use a $15 at-home brow tint occasionally to bring back some pigment. The result? In my daily routine, I can use a brow gel and be on my way.

Frequency: Microblading: every 2 – 3 years, Home Tints : every 3 – 6 months

Hair Masks

Keeping my hair healthy and shiny means less time to worry about repairing damage and taming frizz.

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That’s why a nourishing hair mask is essential to my weekly haircare routine. I am always looking for a hydrating and nourishing mask with ingredients like shea butter, argan oil and glycerin.

Frequency: Weekly

Laser Hair Removal

Waxing or laser hair removal are two longer-lasting alternatives that free up time in your ‘everything shower’.

Both services can be done in a clinic/salon, however, there is growing popularity of at-home IPL laser devices. While professional treatments are undoubtedly safer, faster and more effective, at-home devices can be a good option for maintenance. 

Frequency: Every 4 – 6 weeks


Botox works to smooth out fine lines in targeted areas like your forehead, crow’s feet and brows by freezing the small muscles in your face. When done right, the results can be subtle and leave you looking lifted and fresh.

It’s one of my favourite cosmetic treatments for this reason. You only need to get it done once every 3 or so months and the procedure is effective and relatively painless. Always do your research before deciding to do any cosmetic procedure. 

Frequency: Every 12 – 16 weeks

More Ideas from TikTok

I haven’t tried all of these ‘high maintenance to be low maintenance’ beauty hacks, but these are some of the other ideas from #beautyTok:

Eyebrow Lamination

This is a cosmetic treatment that temporarily adjusts the direction of the natural eyebrow hairs, creating a fuller, more uniform look. This non-invasive procedure involves applying a lifting lotion to straighten eyebrow hairs, making them easier to shape and groom. The result is sleek, smooth brows that can last up to six weeks, offering a polished appearance without the need for daily styling.


Tan-touring combines self-tanner and contouring techniques to create a sculpted, bronzed look that lasts several days without daily makeup application. By applying self-tanner to areas where one would normally use bronzer or contouring makeup, such as cheekbones and jawlines, you can achieve a natural, contoured appearance that enhances your facial features. 


Dermaplaning is a cosmetic procedure that involves using a scalpel or a specialised tool to gently scrape the surface of the skin. This process removes the top layer of dead skin cells and fine vellus hair (peach fuzz), resulting in a smoother, brighter complexion. It can also enhance the effectiveness of skincare products by allowing deeper penetration and is often used to help makeup apply more smoothly.

What’s your favourite ‘high maintenance to be low maintenance’ beauty treatment? Let me know in the comments!

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