Introducing tbh Skincare – The Science-Backed Acne Solution

By Tara | Updated: 05/03/2024

While we are all prone to the occasional breakout, persistent acne can be a tough skin condition to tackle. There are numerous factors like diet and gut health that are factors into why some people experience it. Of course, your skincare routine can also play a big part in treating acne.

That’s where the Australian skincare range, tbh, comes in. tbh is a range tailored for those looking to treat acne-prone skin.

Co-founded by Rachael Tyers, who herself has suffered from 13 years of acne, tbh skincare aims to provide a personalised skincare routine to meet the needs and wants of their customers.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at tbh skincare and review their product range.

Everything You Need to Know About tbh Skincare

‘tbh’ has two meanings when it comes to this brand. Both perfectly capture the brand’s ethos. It represents a commitment to transparency, authenticity, and most importantly, delivering results.

1. The Biofilm Hack

This is the science behind the brand’s best-selling acne hack spot treatment. It’s formulated with a new patented technology that combines the ingredients in a way that allows them to destroy the extracellular matrix that protects against breakout-causing bacteria. This in turn exposes the individual bacteria and makes them susceptible to attack.

2. “to be honest”

This is the value behind the brand.  Understanding the emotional toll of treating acne, tbh aims to provide a supportive and safe environment to get you through the treatment process. Additionally, the brand doesn’t use photoshopped images of its models to ensure transparency with its customers.

What to love:

Who is this for?

As we mentioned, this brand has been purposely designed for those who suffer from acne.

To put it simply, acne is caused by bacteria that grow on our skin. These bacteria form protective structures called biofilms, which make it difficult for traditional acne treatments to penetrate and kill them.

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TBH Skincare uses a special formula developed by Next Science, which breaks down the biofilms and destroys the bacteria that cause acne.

The formula includes citric and lactic acids, which dissolve the biofilms, and benzalkonium chloride, which kills the bacteria by removing water from their cells.

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Acne Hack Spot Treatment

acne hack spot treatment
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The Acne Hack Spot Treatment has become a cult favourite since it was launched thanks to its powerful formulation which many users consider to be “life-changing” when it comes to clearing up their skin and boosting their confidence.

This spot treatment is perfect for people with oily, breakout-prone skin.

Formulated with citric acid, benzalkonium chloride, and sodium citrate dihydrate, this spot treatment is gentle yet effective. It breaks down metallic bonds holding the biofilm structure together, destroys bacteria, and prevents the biofilm from reforming.

The spot treatment can be used either as a full face treatment or as a spot treatment, depending on the severity and frequency of breakouts. It is recommended to start with a small amount and gradually build up. The product should be applied after cleansing and before the application of a moisturiser.

The Acne Hack Spot treatment has garnered cult status thanks to its efficacy in treating breakouts. Designed to be a topical spot treatment, it’s intended to be applied in the evening, after cleansing.

Rebound Serum

It is equally important to prioritise hydrating and repairing your skin barrier when it comes to treating acne-prone skin. That’s where the Rebound Serum comes in.
The Rebound Serum is a barrier support serum that calms angry, damaged skin by supporting the skin barrier and providing protection from daily stressors.
In a three-pronged approach, Niacinamide and Panthenol work to refine and calm pores, Oat Extract, Centella and Green Team provide soothing benefits and Gylerin, Electrolytes and Hyaluronic Acid add a much-needed hit of hydration.
While a perfect addition to an acne-prone skincare routine, this serum is ultimately fantastic for all skin types, including oily and sensitive. Developed in partnership with pharmaceutical scientist and skincare influencer, Hannah English, Rebound Serum is ideal for anyone looking to improve overall skin health.

The Rebound Serum (30ml) has a lightweight gel texture that absorbs beautifully into the skin with no tacky or sticky residue.

Antibacterial Cleanser

anti-bacterial cleanser
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The Anti-Bacterial Cleanser fights breakout-causing bacteria and removes unwanted congestion without stripping or drying out the skin.
This cleanser reduces blackheads, soothes the skin, and assists with uneven texture. Its patented technology breaks down the protective biofilm layer and targets bacteria within, making it highly effective for treating and preventing acne. Additionally, it contains citric acid to further assist in breaking through the protective biofilm layer and glycerin to moisturise the skin by helping to retain moisture within the skin. 

The Anti-Bacterial Cleanser has a lightweight gel/cream texture. Formulated with their patented technology, it works to break down bacteria without drying out the skin.

Skin Shady 50+

SPF, while essential, can be a tricky one for acne sufferers. Particularly with greasy formulas they can become a nightmare for anyone prone to breakouts.

Skin Shady 50+ is a lightweight, oil-free, and non-greasy broad-spectrum sunscreen that protects your skin from both UVA and UVB rays. It does not leave a white cast on your skin and moisturises it with glycerin and vitamin E. The product is breakout-friendly and sits well under makeup, making it suitable for oily, breakout-prone skin. Skin Shady 50+ works as a moisturiser, SPF, and primer, all in one.

It should be applied as the last step of your AM routine and requires proper measurement to get the correct coverage of the product.

With its non-greasy, matte finish Skin Shady 50+ sits perfectly under makeup without leaving you looking like an oily mess. It has a lightweight texture and doesn’t leave a white cast on the skin.

Thirst Trap Moisturiser

Thirst Trap Moisturiser is a lightweight daily moisturiser that is suitable for oily skin. It hydrates the skin with glycerin, pentavitin, sodium PCA, and genencare while providing barrier support with pentavitin, amino acids, squalane, apricot kernel oil, jojoba esters, olive oil, and vitamin E.

This moisturiser is perfect for complimenting the rest of your breakout-focused routine and can be applied as the last step of your PM routine or under SPF within your morning routine for extra hydration.

Everyday Patches

patch it up - everyday patches
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Patch It Up is a skincare product that consists of 72 hydrocolloid patches formulated with breakout-fighting ingredients. These patches help speed up the recovery time of active pimples while correcting post-breakout pigmentation, reducing redness and swelling, and soothing damaged skin. They also absorb pus and oil, leaving you with a flatter, less inflamed spot.

The large size of the patches makes them suitable for treating more cystic and inflamed spots. The product is designed to protect against external irritants, including your own hands.

In what order should I use these products?



Everyday Patches (when needed)

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