I Tried the TikTok Famous ‘Airwrap Alternative’. It Lived Up to the Hype.

By Tara | Updated: 06/12/2023

Known to my friends and family as the blowout Queen, I never leave the house without a bouncy, voluminous hairstyle.

While I have an arsenal of trusted products to achieve this, I will never turn down the opportunity to try another hair tool.

Enter the Shark Flexstyle, known for its auto curlers that replicate the effect of Dyson Airwrap.

As I discovered, it does so much more than bouncy curls.

In this review, I cover everything you need to know about it, how to use it, before and after photos and commonly asked questions.

Shark FlexStyle Review

While I have tried the Dyson Airwrap, I don’t own one, so I will not compare the like-for-like features between both. Rather, in this article I will share my experience using the Shark and whether I think it’s worth the money.

What is the Shark FlexStyle?

This is one of the most popular products from American company Shark. It’s no secret that they offer a range of Dyson dupes, maintaining innovative technology at a much more affordable price.

The FlexStyle is arguably their most popular product, designed to rival Dyson’s Airwrap. It’s a multi-purpose hair dryer that comes with several attachments that transform it into a curler, hot brush and diffuser.

One distinguishing feature is the body of the Flexstyle can transform into a handheld hair dryer with a 90-degree rotation.

The technology behind the FlexStyle air styling drying system is what’s impressive. It gives you fast drying while maintaining low heat, measuring & regulating temperatures 1,000x per second to ensure consistent air temperature. Rather than getting hotter as it runs, Shark minimises heat exposure & regulates temperatures.

Fast Facts

Attachments: Six
Power: 14000W
Weight: 700g (not including accessories)
Heat Settings: three airflow settings
Temperature Settings: Low, medium, high heat and cool shot
Warranty: Two years
Cord Length: 2.5m

Thoughts on the Shark FlexStyle Attachments

Styling Concentrator

This is essentially a blow dryer attachment with a flat edge for ultra-precise drying wet hair. It’s effective for straightening and smoothing hair while blow drying, reducing the outward blowing and leading to a more controlled drying process.

Attach the concentrator when you intend to use the tool as a hair dryer. Ensure the barrel is rotated to the 90-degree angle.

The tool works reasonably well as a hair dryer. Quite honestly, it’s nowhere near as powerful as my Parlux Advance Light Ionic & Ceramic Dryer which is still one of the best tools I have used for smoothing hair and minimising frizz. However, for a multi-purpose tool, it still does the job.

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Two Auto-Wrap Curlers

These are the attachments that will allow you to replicate the curling effects of the Dyson Airwrap. These include two curling barrels for the right and left side, depending on which direction you want the curl to face.

They can create bouncy and soft curls, and are suitable for medium-length to long hair, with the styling process taking 10 to 15 minutes.

For the best results, curl your hair away from your face. Hold the Airwrap vertically and wrap a small section of hair around the barrel, starting near the root and moving towards the tip.

I start from the ends and let it wind up but I don’t let it go close to the roots. I did this once and freaked out as I was unable to unwind the curler.

Unsurprisingly, the auto curlers are hands down my favourite attachments, I loved the look of the curls they created. They added more definition and bounce to my hair and after a short learning curve, they are quite easy to use.

Before and after using the FlexStyle Auto Curlers

Oval Brush

Ideal for blowouts, the oval brush attachment provides a smooth and efficient styling experience. It’s designed to work quickly and does not tug or pull on the hair, delivering a quality blowout in under 10 minutes.

The oval brush has the width of the Revlon One-Step or Mermade styler. This won’t create a touseled curl look of the auto curlers but does smooth the hair, flick the ends and create a lifted look at the roots.

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Overall, I liked the look the oval brush creates – it created the Cher Horowitz 90s blowout look.

Before and after using the FlexStyle Oval Brush

Paddle Brush

This attachment acts like a hair straightener comb, similar to the ghd glide.

However, the benefit of the air technology means reduced heat damage as it does not clamp the hair between hot plates. It’s slightly slower than a traditional straightener but offers the advantage of less heat damage.

I liked this attachment and preferred to use it instead of the Styling Concentrator for drying hair.

Curl-Defining Diffuser

For those with curly and coily hair types, you can also get the diffuser as an attachment. It’s not something I have tried myself as I don’t have this hair type, however, other reviewers have noted it’s the ‘perfect curly hair girl attachment’ and one of the best in the market for drying curls fast.

How to get the curls to hold

One of the biggest gripes about the curling tools is getting the curls to hold! Theres a few things you can do to help them stay bouncy and defined:

  1. Ensure your hair is completely dry before styling. I generally like to style my hair one day after it has been washed.
  2. A flexible hold curling mousse can be a game changer. Apply on damp hair.
  3. Don’t immediately brush the curls – let them hold in place post-styling Then, brush later.
  4. Use rollers or pins. As you create the curls, immediately pin or roll them up.
  5. Finally, ensure you are utilising the cool shot feature. By applying the cool air after styling with help to seal the hair cuticle and lock in the curl for longer.

The Verdict

If you love creating different hairstyles but don’t want to own multiple tools, the Shark FlexStyle is worth the investment.

While it has a lower price point than the Dyson, nothing about this tool implies ‘cheap’. It’s incredibly sturdy, has an ergonomic design and boats powerful technology to minimise heat damage.




Does it damage hair?

No hair tool can guarantee no damage.

However, The FlexStyle is thoughtfully designed with technology to intelligently measure temperature 1000x per second to not overheat, and in turn, cause excessive damage to the hair.

The benefit of heated air, as opposed to ceramic or metal plates, is the reduced contact on the hair and snagging. As with any hair tool, use heat protectant spray before using.

Is the Shark FlexStyle loud?

Yes, it is loud but not any more than a normal hair dryer.

Is Shark FlexStyle available in Australia?

Yes, you can purchase the Shark from their website, Sephora and MYER.

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