An Honest Review of Revolution Beauty’s Skin Silk Serum Foundation

By Tara | Updated: 27/03/2024

Skin tints and understated skin have been some of the biggest trends to emerge over the last few years. Beauty lovers have turned to skin-loving cosmetic formulations to nail the healthy, luminous glow makeup look.

Revolution Beauty has just launched their latest innovation in the foundation arena, the Skin Silk Serum Foundation. This product marks their first venture into light to medium coverage foundations, enriched with skincare benefits like hyaluronic acid and peptides for hydration and plumping effects.

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Size: 23ml

Shades: 20 (only 8 available in Australia)

Coverage: Light - medium coverage

Other Benefits: Vegan & Cruelty-Free

Key Ingredients: Hyaluronic & Peptide Complex, Dimethicone, Glycerin, Vitamin E, Butylene Glycol

Price: $24 AUD

Revolution Beauty’s Skin Silk Serum Foundation Review

The Packaging

The Skin Silk Serum Foundation comes in a pretty frosted blush pink glass bottle with a pump, making it easy to get just the right amount without wasting any. Plus, the plastic cap keeps the product secure and safe from spills.

Hand holding Revolution Skin Silk foundation bottle.

The Consistency and Coverage

The Skin Silk Serum Foundation has a super smooth, lightweight texture that feels just like silk on your skin, making it super easy to apply and blend. It’s perfect for a more natural, sheer coverage, ideal for daytime wear rather than heavier evening looks.

Woman applying makeup with sponge, beauty tutorial.
Applying the foundation with a beauty blender.

The Shades

In Australia, Revolution offers the Skin Silk Serum Foundation in 8 shades from F1 to F12. The darkest shade would at most cater to a tanned skin tone.

This differs from the UK where beauty lovers have the full selection of shades from 0.5 up to 20.

We are hoping they quickly make the full range available in Australia to accommodate all skin tones.

UK vs Australian makeup shade range comparison
Hand testing skin-toned liquid foundation.
Revolution Skin Silk Serum in Shade F10

The Ingredients

The Skin Silk Serum Foundation is formulated with a few hydrating and skin-nourishing ingredients. Butylene Glycol, Sodium Hyaluronate, and Glycerin act as humectants, drawing moisture into the skin for hydration, while Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E) offers soothing and anti-aging benefits.

However, it also contains Isostearic Acid and Isopropyl Myristate, which might be comedogenic for some and result in clogged pores. Therefore, while the formula is designed to be nourishing, those with acne-prone skin should be mindful of these ingredients.


At $24 AUD this is a really affordable foundation. Taking into account the luxe packaging, ingredients and formulation I would say this is good value for money if you are after a skin-loving foundation. 

The Verdict

Overall, I enjoyed the consistency, coverage and hydrating formulation the Skin Silk Serum Foundation offers. 

Unlike some reports of oxidization from other reviewers, I had no problems with it and found the foundation blended seamlessly into my skin without turning orange. 

The finish strikes a perfect balance, not too dewy or overly matte, but a pleasant in-between that enhances skin with a natural glow.

Woman with subtle makeup and wavy hair.
Woman with blonde hair, two portraits, smiling.
Here is how the Skin Silk Serum Foundation looked in other light settings.


There are some downsides and considerations to this product:

  • Be aware it contains fragrance/perfume
  • They need to expand the shade range in Australia to make this product suitable for all beauty consumers.
  • It contains some comedogenic ingredients – take note breakout-prone skin types!
  • Some users say it oxidised (but I didn’t experience this!)
Makeup Revolution Skin Silk Serum Foundation
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