These Influencers Will Inspire Your Next Layered Haircut for Long Hair

By Tara | Updated: 29/06/2024

2023 saw short bob hairstyles trending with it-girls like Hailey Bieber and Elsa Hosk opting for the chop.

However, with over 120m posts on TikTok for ‘long layered haircuts’, it is safe to say it remains one of the most sought-after hairstyles.

The Dyson Airwrap and hot air brushes have made it easier than ever to create the coveted ‘90s blowout’ look that complements a long layered haircut.

If you’re looking for dimension or want to say bye to blunt cuts, consider adding some layers to your long hair.

Before your next hairdressing appointment, take inspiration from these it-girls and influencers.

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Layered Haircut Inspiration for Long Hair

Tara Lusk @beautyspaceaus

Tsutsumi Hoang @xoxotsumi

Elise Hoogerdijk @elisehoogerdijk

Rashan Mh

Josefine Vogt @josefinevogt

Brit Harvey @brit_harvey

Freya Bryndorf @freyabryndorf

What should you ask your hairstylist for?

The whole head:

  • Long layers
  • Long seamless layers
  • Blended long layered

Around the face:

  • Curtain bangs
  • Chin pieces
  • Face frame layers
  • Blended face framing

Here's What to Consider before Getting Layers

  1. It will thin out the ends of your hair.  Sometimes layers can look ‘choppy’ when straight and un-styled.
  2. Your layers will only look as good as you style them. In general, a blowout with flicked ends or beach waves makes the layers look the best.
  3. It will be harder to create up-dos and braids. 
  4. You will need to maintain the style with regular trims.
  5. It may not be an ideal cut for very curly or frizzy hair types.

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