This Australian-Made Serum Is a Dupe for Rhode’s Glazing Milk Drops

By Tara | Updated: 18/05/2024

Your skin barrier is one of the most important factors in skin health. Whether you have ultra-sensitive skin or experiencing a damaged skin barrier, it’s important to use products that will soothe and replenish the skin’s natural defences.

With a consistency akin to Hailey Bieber’s Glazing Drops, Esmi’s Probiotic Skin Mylck has become a ‘holy grail’ for those looking for glazed doughnut glow and hydration without hyaluronic acid.

Formulated with 100% Australian-made probiotics, this serum lotion works to balance the skin microflora, creating the ideal environment for it to thrive.

Size: 30ml

Key Ingredients: Grape seed oil, jojoba seed oil and probiotic lysates

Ideal for: Dry, damaged and ultra-sensitive skin types

Made In: Australia

Cruelty-Free & Vegan: Yes

Price: $65.00

Esmi Probiotic Skin Mylck Review

About My Skin

My skin is generally on the drier side with the occasional breakout. I can tolerate different ingredients pretty well without causing my skin to freak out.

However, I first tried using Skin Mylk on a particularly bad inflammation around my mouth due to cold weather.

My ‘angry skin’ was the perfect time to test the soothing and healing properties of this serum.

The Feel & Smell:

This product is a combination of a lotion and serum. It has a very lightweight milky consistency that absorbs easily into the skin without feeling sticky or greasy. I found that it works perfectly under makeup and heavier skincare products without piling. 

It has no perfume or any overpowering fragrance. 

Skincare serum application on hand, two-step process.

The Packaging

It comes in a 30ml glass bottle with a dropper for convenience and hygiene.

I would be remiss not to mention the cute milk carton packaging it comes in:

Esmi Probiotic Skin Mylck being dispensed onto hand.

The Ingredients

One of the things I love about this serum is that it’s a hydrating and nourishing formula without using hyaluronic acid. HA is most commonly used in hydrating serums, however, some users find their skin can’t tolerate it or simply prefer other hydrating ingredients.

So here are some of the main ingredients you will find in Skin Mylk:

Probiotic Lysates: The Australian-made probiotics create the best environment for your skin to thrive and promote a healthy skin barrier.

Glycerin: A powerhouse for attracting moisture, glycerin deeply hydrates the skin by drawing water from the air into the skin’s outer layer, making it a perfect alternative for those seeking hydration without hyaluronic acid.

Jojoba Oil: Hydrates, nourishes and softens the skin.

Grape Seed Oil: Moisturisers and soothes the skin while strengthening the skin barrier function.

The Value

At $65.00 this is not a budget serum, but also not ultra-luxury skincare prices. I find you only need the 1 – 2 drops to cover your whole face so you won’t run through this quickly.

To compare value, I tried to find alternatives that are widely available in Australia.

The Hydrating Milky Serum from Pixi Beauty would be the closest in terms of ingredients, benefits and milky consistency. Depending on where you buy it from, it can work out to be a similar price to Esmi.

The Ordinary Soothing & Barrier Support Serum also works to hydrate, strengthen and support the skin barrier but is formulated with different ingredients like Niacinamide, Vitamin B12 and Ceramides. It also has a milky consistency.

Overall, I think the Skin Mylk is very reasonably priced for the ingredients, benefits, consistency and that it’s made in Australia.

The Verdict

As someone who uses retinol, I will keep this one on rotation in my routine to soothe my skin, hydrate and heal my skin barrier.

It imparts a subtle (not-greasy) glow and leaves your skin feeling hydrated and plump. 

Skin Mylck is suited to normal to dry skin types, but particularly ideal for those with sensitive and inflamed skin.

Woman applying facial serum, skincare routine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Skin Mylck vegan?

Yes, the entire probiotic skincare range is vegan and cruelty-free.

Where can I buy Skin Mylck?

You can purchase it from their website or the range is stocked at Sephora.
esmi Probiotic Skin Mylck


Buy from esmi Buy from Sephora
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