Shape, Tame, and Elevate: The Best Eyebrow Gels in Australia for 2024

By Tara | Updated: 16/01/2024

While Bella Hadid’s thin brow certainly had its moment, there’s no denying that a fuller, well-groomed eyebrow suits most of us non-supermodels. Eyebrows can frame your face, highlight your eyes, and accentuate your overall look.

Over the years, I have been able to thicken the appearance of my own eyebrows using a combination of microblading, brow serums and minimal plucking. You can read more about that in my guide on how to get thicker eyebrows.

With a thicker brow also comes the need to tame them. A good brow gel is therefore an essential part of my makeup routine to lift and style creating the ‘laminated’ look.

The good news is that there are plenty of top-notch eyebrow styling products that come in a range of consistencies, shades and price ranges available right at your fingertips.

Read on for the best eyebrow gels you can buy in Australia.

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8 of the Best Eyebrows Gels to Buy in Australia

DIOR Diorshow On Set Brow

DIOR Diorshow On Set Brow
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Steal the show with DIOR’s Diorshow On Set Brow.

Loved by beauty editors, this brow mascara delivers elegant, defined brows that have a long-lasting hold even through humidity. Its waterproof formula ensures longevity without drying to a crusty finish.

It is easily applied through a small spoolie brush which coats each hair with the perfect amount of product for a professional result.

Available in clear and various tinted shades, it can provide extra pigment to sparse brows, filling in gaps for a fuller look.

Benefit Fluff Up Brow Wax

Benefit Fluff Up Brow Wax
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Elevate your brow routine with Benefit’s Fluff Up Brow Wax.

Designed to shape, set, and create the sought-after ‘laminated brow’ effect, its transparent wax formulation is particularly flattering on lighter brows as it dries clear.

No worries about stiffness or crunchiness, this product ensures soft, flexible brows thanks to the infusion of Argan Oil and Jojoba Seed Oil.

Incredibly resilient, it stands up to sweat, water, and humidity, guaranteeing your brows remain beautifully in place. Its user-friendly brush applicator makes it effortless to achieve those full, feathery brows you’ve always dreamed of. All in all, it’s an essential tool in any brow enthusiast’s beauty kit.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Freeze

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Freeze
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Get that sleek, snatched look with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Freeze. This clear wax is a dream for taming stubborn brow hairs, providing a high-shine, laminated effect.

Unlike typical brow gels, it comes in a handy pot; just scoop a smidgen onto the back of your hand and gently apply it to your brows. Remember, less is more with this powerhouse – a tiny amount provides long wear and is impressively budge-proof.

This clear, sticky wax offers extreme hold, rendering your brows full-bodied and shapely. Its slow-drying formula allows ample time for perfect styling, adding to the user-friendly experience.

Charlotte Tilbury Brow Fix Sculpting Gel

Charlotte Tilbury Brow Fix Gel
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Add some magic to your brows with Charlotte Tilbury’s Brow Fix Sculpting Gel.

The brow gel has an ultra-fine precision brush that makes application a breeze and delivers sharp, neat and well-defined brows that truly stand out.

Unlike the waxy brow products above, this is a clear gel with a lightweight texture. Despite that, it still offers a robust hold, keeping your brows on point all day. We also love that it dries down without a hint of stickiness or flaking, leaving a soft sheen that amplifies your brows’ appeal.

E.L.F., Clear Brow & Lash Mascara

e.l.f. Clear Brow and Lash Mascara - Crystal
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Simplify your makeup routine with E.L.F.’s dual-ended Clear Brow & Lash Mascara. This affordable beauty gem can be used to groom your brows and lashes. Enriched with nourishing Vitamin E and Castor Oil, this formula not only shapes and sets your brows but also strengthens and protects your lashes.

The mascara delivers a full and voluminous look without the dreaded heaviness or clumpiness. The result is a natural finish that’s perfect for everyday wear.  While the packaging may be on the smaller side, which might require more frequent purchases for daily users, its budget-friendly price point and multi-tasking capabilities make it a value-packed choice.

M.A.C COSMETICS Eye Brows Big Boost Fibre Gel

M.A.C COSMETICS Eye Brows Big Boost Fibre Gel
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Boost your brows with M.A.C’s Eye Brows Big Boost Fibre Gel.

This tinted gel volumises, tames, and tints brows for a dramatic yet natural look. The ‘Tri-Fibre Technology’ creates an illusion of fuller, thicker brows and allows you to build to the volume you desire.

The 24-hour long-wearing formula is sweat- and humidity-resistant, ensuring your brows stay flawless all day.

It has a great colour availability compared to other brow styling products, with eight natural-looking shades to choose from.

Eye of Horus Brow Fibre Extend

Eye of Horus Cosmetics Brow Fibre Extend
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The Brow Fibre Extend by Eye of Horus is a more affordable and Australian-made alternative to the M.A.C Big Boost Gel above.

It has only three shades in its range; light, medium and dark, however, they blend in seamlessly for a natural-looking, voluminous brow. The microfibre formula is ideal for filling sparse areas and holding the brows in place.

Beyond a cosmetic benefit, they have infused this brow styling product with nourishing ingredients like Canalicaluta Extract (seaweed), Laminaria Digitata (seaweed) and Moringa Oil to stimulate brow growth and repair.

NYX Professional Makeup Control Freak Eyebrow Gel

NYX Professional Makeup Control Freak Eyebrow Gel
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Keep your brows in check with NYX’s Control Freak Eyebrow Gel.

This clear gel has a lightweight consistency perfect for styling unruly brows. Its non-sticky formula provides a comfortable, natural feel, while the precise spoolie ensures a hassle-free application.

Given its budget-friendly price tag, this would be ideal for everyday use, however, many users find it to be not as effective for stubborn hairs. If you need a heavy-duty hold, opt for a brow wax instead.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does eyebrow gel do?

Just like you gel you put in your hair, the purpose of an eyebrow gel, wax or mascara is to comb and hold. This ensures they stay in place and look lifted and styled. However, you can also purchase pigmented brow gels and mascaras that fill in sparse hairs and create an overall fuller look.

It’s advised to use a clear brow gel as the last step after your pencil. On the other hand, brow mascaras can be used without a pencil if you find they fill in any patches sufficiently.

Is eyebrow gel better than regular gel?

Yes, eyebrow gel is typically better than regular hair gel for styling your eyebrows. Here’s why:

Eyebrow gels are specifically designed for the delicate skin and fine hairs of the eyebrows. They typically have a lightweight, non-greasy formula that provides hold without making your eyebrows feel heavy or sticky.

In contrast, regular hair gels are formulated for the thicker, coarser hair on your head and might be too harsh for the sensitive skin around your eyes. They can also be too heavy and cause your brows to become crunchy or flaky.

Moreover, eyebrow gels often contain beneficial ingredients for your brow hair, like nourishing oils and vitamins. Some are even tinted to provide additional colour and fullness to your brows.

Finally, they generally come in cosmetic packaging that is more suitable and convenient for applying to your brows. They typically come in a tube or small tub with an application brush.

What is brow lamination?


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Eyebrow lamination is a semi-permanent treatment that can be done at beauty salons or at home with specialised kits. The process involves straightening and setting the brow hairs using a chemical solution, giving them a uniformly full and glossy appearance. The result? Your eyebrows stay in place and look fuller and thicker for several weeks.

However, if you’re not ready for a semi-permanent treatment, you can replicate the laminated brow look at home using the right tools and products, such as a high-quality eyebrow gel or wax that offers a strong hold. The key is to brush your brow hairs upwards and outwards, then set them in place for a slick, polished look.

What is the ‘soap brow’ trend?

While the eyebrow styling products in our roundup can also achieve a similar look, TikTok and Instagram turned to the budget-friendly and effective ‘soap brow’ trend.

This popular beauty technique involves using a bar of soap instead of a traditional eyebrow gel to shape and set the eyebrows. This trend originated from the beauty and makeup industry and has been widely adopted due to its impressive ability to hold brows in place all day, giving a full and fluffy effect.

The process involves wetting a spoolie brush and running it over a bar of clear soap. You then brush the soapy spoolie through your brows, coaxing them into your desired shape. The soap residue acts like a setting product, keeping your brows in place without the need for other products.

Is eyebrow gel different to eyebrow serum?

Yes, eyebrow gel and eyebrow serum serve different purposes and are used differently.

As we outlined in this article, eyebrow gel is a cosmetic styling product designed to shape, define, and hold your eyebrow hairs in place.

On the other hand, eyebrow and eyelash serum is a growth-enhancing product. It’s often used by those who have sparse or thinning brows and want to encourage thicker, fuller growth. An eyebrow serum won’t necessarily style, shape or hold your brows in place.

Eyebrow serums are typically packed with nourishing ingredients like vitamins, peptides, and oils, which are intended to stimulate hair growth and improve the health of your brows. You usually apply an eyebrow serum at night and let it work its magic as you sleep.

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