Tribe Skincare Review: A Gentle Approach to Skincare

By Tara | Updated: 01/10/2023

This article is brought to you by Tribe Skincare.

As a beauty blogger, I’m always on the lookout for new skincare and beauty products to try out. One I have been seeing everywhere is Tribe Skincare. There’s a lot of buzz about the brand, particularly their best-selling Brightening Vitamin C Serum and their Clearing Anti-Breakout Serum which some customers have touted as ‘game-changing’ when it comes to targeting congested skin.

I was curious to see if the products were indeed more than just pretty, colourful packaging.

With that in mind, I was excited to road-test a few of their products to bring you my thoughts.

In this article, I will review the:

Keep reading to get to know Tribe Skincare.

Disclaimer: For full transparency to my readers, please note that I was gifted the skincare range by Tribe.

Tribe Skincare Review

What to Know

Tribe Skincare is formulated specifically for sensitive skin types. The range was created by beauty therapist, Kayla Houlihan as an alternative to all the active and aggressive skincare options on the market.

With a focus on sensitive skin, the range is formulated with gentle, natural and anti-inflammatory ingredients designed to nourish, repair and hydrate the skin.

What’s more, their range is expanding, with products that target various skin concerns, from acne-prone, dry and dehydrated and aging.

What’s to Love

The Products

The Gentle Balm Cleanser 

The Gentle Balm Cleanser was one of my favourites. It has a balm or lotion-like consistency and contains some hero ingredients like Aloe Vera, Sweet Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, and Rosehip Oil.

I really liked that it didn’t sting my eyes when cleansing my makeup off, and it effectively removed all the dirt and grime from the day.

After using it, my skin felt soft and smooth, yet not dried out.

Brightening Vitamin C Serum

The Brightening Vitamin C Serum has an extremely lightweight, water-like consistency and is non-irritating.

It’s made with Aloe Vera, Kakadu Plum, Vitamin C, and Niacinamide, which are all great for brightening and soothing the skin. While it wasn’t as effective as some cosmeceutical brands I’ve used in the past, I can see why this product would be ideal for those with sensitive and irritated skin and could also be a great introduction to anyone new to Vitamin C.

After using it, my skin looked bright, radiant and plump.

Ultimate Hydrating Moisturiser

The Ultimate Hydrating Moisturiser has a gel-like consistency and is made with Aloe Vera, Hyaluronic Acid, and Rose Hip Oil.

It has a matte finish, which is excellent for those who don’t like a moisturiser that leaves their skin shiny. It’s also ideal for wear during the day under make-up.

After using it, my skin felt very soft and absorbed quickly, leaving no greasy residue. This would be perfect for anyone looking to repair a damaged skin barrier.

Resurfacing 2-in-1 Exfoliant

The Resurfacing 2-in-1 Exfoliant has a gritty, clay texture and can be used as a mask or simply to exfoliate. Some of the ingredients include Apricot Kernal Oil, Rice Powder, Shea Butter, Oat Meal and Papaya Fruit Extract which work to dissolve blackheads and dead skin cells. This mix of natural ingredients also provides a pleasant subtle fragrance.

My skin tends to be on the dry side so I usually avoid clay or charcoal face masks. This one on the other hand did not dry my skin out and left it feeling incredibly smooth, glowy and hydrated.

Downsides and Considerations

It’s worth noting that if you’re someone who likes cosmeceutical-grade skincare products, Tribe Skincare might not be the range for you. The formulations are definitely targeted at those with sensitive and irritated skin, so keep that in mind when trying out their products.

Final Thoughts

As someone who tests and tries all sorts of skincare products, my skin is no stranger to some powerful formulations. After using the range for over a week, I could only think of one word to describe my skin — calm.¬†I didn’t experience any breakouts, redness or irritation and my skin felt really hydrated despite battling the late summer heat.

The range is effective, yet non-irritating making it ideal for sensitive skin types or anyone new to skincare. The beautiful branding and affordability of the products are another plus.

You can buy the Tribe range from their website or at Active Skin, Nourished Life and Healthy Life.

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