The Best Selfie Tan’n Go Super Dark Tan Review

It has been a long time since I switched my fake tan. I have tried many brands and was on the hunt for something that could rival my favourite dark fake tan go-to, Bondi Sands.

After looking at a few reviews online about Selfie Tan’ n Go I wanted to give it a try and picked it up from my local Chemist Warehouse.

There are currently two shades available in the 1-hour Express Bronzing Mousse range; Medium Dark Tan and Super Dark Tan. For this review, I chose the Super Dark Fake Tan. I opted for the darker tan as I have had experienced in the past that the medium shades do not provide enough contrast.

Before applying Selfie Tan

As it is winter here in Australia, I have not been able to get any sun. So I started the experiment looking very pale.

Pale skin before the dark fake tanner was applied
Skin before the dark fake tanner was applied

The product

This is the first product in the Selfie Tan product range I have tried, so I was excited to give it a go.

The bottle came with a Selfie Tan’n Go Applicator Mitt. I was quite impressed with this as I haven’t seen many other brands include an applicator mitt with the product.

Selfie Tan'n Go Super Dark Tan applicator mitt
The applicator mitt was provided along with the Super Dark Tan bottle.

Heres what it claims to do:

  • streak-free and quick drying (won’t rub off on your clothes)
  • tan deepens over time
  • herbal fragrance (no self-tan aroma)

A little goes a long way with this product. I pumped out just a small amount of the dark fake tan and was able to spread it over my body well.

The results

B E F O R E    &    A F T ER

Side by side comparison of the Super Dark Tan results

Did it work?

On the first application of the tan, I was really shocked at how dark it was (as it was contrasting with my winter pale skin!).

As you can see from the photos, it resulted in a rich, exotic bronze colour that developed well after a few hours.

Did it do what it claims?

  • The application was very easy and the tan dried reasonably quickly. I find at-home foam tanners tend to absorb into your skin and dry more rapidly than a spray tan would
  • It was definitely streak free. You may notice in my photos that there are a few streaks, but that is because I am dealing with extremely dry winter skin* – not so much the product itself

    *One thing I tend to look for when deciding on a great fake tan is how it will affect my skin. With already dry skin, the last thing you would want is a product that is going to amplify the dryness. It’s important to find a tan suited to your skin type!

  • As the tan dried, certainly, a nice bronze colour developed. My disappointment is when I showered the product off after around 3 hours and the tan was virtually non-existent. It all went down the drain. I prefer tans that give deep colour for at least a few days.
  • In terms of the fragrance, I have to admit that it was a nice smell and not overpowering at all. Much better than most self-tanners I have used.

My new favourite fake tan?

I don’t believe this will replace my favourite as the product did not seem to leave a consistent dark tan. It would be too dark (for me) to wear without washing it off once and it left virtually no colour once it had been washed off.

I am willing to give it another shot this weekend and will leave it on for over 3 hours to see if that makes a difference.

It can be quite rare to find tanning products that tick all boxes; great colour, long lasting, and seamless application. While the 1 Hour Express Bronzing Mousse provided a beautiful colour, its downfall was its longevity. That being said, if you are looking for something you can practically wash all off after wear, this could be a suitable option.

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