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By Tara | Updated: 26/08/2023

After seeing so many reviews online, I was excited to try Zoe Foster Blakes, Go-To Face Hero. The product is one of Mecca’s best-sellers and has built a reputation as a ‘skin saviour’. While I don’t have particularly dry skin, I have incorporated heavy retinol, glycolic acid and vitamin c into my skincare routine and sometimes need a break from these ingredients. 

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What to Consider Before Buying a Face Oil

Before purchasing a skin oil, there are a few things to take into consideration. One mainly being your natural skin type. 

Those with already oil-prone skin will want to stick to products that reduce oil, rather than add to it. There are, however, certain oils are better suited to different skin types — even oily skin:

Your skin already produces oil. Your natural oils play an important role in minimizing water loss in your skin – allowing for healthy and hydrated skin. This also acts as a defensive barrier, preventing pollution and other external influences like UV rays.

Beauty Space Reviews Go-To Skincare Face Hero

What does it claim?

“Face Hero is a lightweight face oil that deeply hydrates, soothes, revitalises and protects the face against environmental aggressors that can cause premature ageing.”

What to love about Face Hero:

I turned to Face Hero after a particularly bad retinol burn. Immediately on application, you can feel it soothing and nourishing your skin. As someone who likes to go hard on their skincare, Face Hero is essential for when you go a little bit too far and need to send your skin to rehab.

Unlike with some other oils, I have tried, I have not experienced breakouts from using it. Ultimately, it will come down to your skin type. I have now been using Face Hero for about 3 months and have consistently noticed softer and smoother skin post-application.

Typically, I will apply Face Hero at night after a hyaluronic acid. I like that the oil absorbs nicely into your skin, without being sticky.

In terms of use, I wouldn’t use this product every night. I could imagine dry skin types could use the product very regularly but this is more of a weekly or bi-weekly product for me. 

What don’t I like?

To be honest, there isn’t much to not like about it. It comes at a very reasonable price point and serves its purpose as an amazing face oil. It doesn’t over-promise and is probably one of the best oils available on the market.

Obviously, those with naturally oily skin would probably want to give this one a miss, but I could see this oil working well for those with sensitive, dry, normal skin types. 

Wrap Up

All in all, this is an amazing face oil. As it is quite lightweight, it can really be used for most skin types and is just so nourishing for your skin. I would say this is an absolute addition to your skincare routine.

Check out some face oil alternatives to compare for yourself:

  1. Drunk Elephant – Marula Oil
  2. Kiehls – Midnight Recovery Concentrate
  3. Sunday Riley – C.E.O. Glow Vitamin C + Turmeric Oil

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