Endota Spa Products Review – Are Their Skincare & Serums Worth It?

Last Updated: August 29, 2020

Looking online, I have found there is very little information/reviews on the skincare products from Endota Spa. Considering the price of their products rival some of the most well-known and high-end skincare brands I have been curious to see if the products are worth it.

What I like about the Endota Spa skincare product range is that all the products are Australian-made, minimal/pleasant fragrance, great packaging and the formulas are developed with certified organic ingredients.

I decided to purchase the following products from Endota Spa:

I have normal, fair skin and as I am in my late 20’s have started integrating anti-ageing products into my routine. The main concerns I have with my skin is it becoming dull and lacklustre (generally, in Winter), maintaining hydration and fighting off fine lines and dark circles around my eyes.

While I already have an established skincare routine, I am always looking to test and try new products. Which is why I was excited to try the Endota Spa skincare range.

Check out my thoughts below.

About Endota Spa

Endota Spa founder, Melanie Gleeson has done a great job in building the brand across Australia. You will find an Endota Spa in over 100 location across the country.

The brand has been so successful as they are able to deliver a consistent experience every time. You can expect the typical services (massage, facials) in an ultra-relaxing setting.

Melanie Gleeson founded Endota Spa with an ambition to make wellbeing a priority, rather than a treat.

Endota Spa Skincare Products Review

Rapid Enzyme Peel

endota spa Rapid Enzyme Peel
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What is it?

“Rapid Enzyme Peel is a fast-acting fruit peel, mask and gommage.”

What does it do?

“It has a powerful, multi-functional peptide and fruit enzyme complex, including mango and pomegranate to lift tired skin cells and protect against the major signs of ageing. The potent resurfacing action rapidly improves skin tone. Skin is left transformed in minimal time, becoming healthy, radiant, hydrated, refined and luminous.”

My Review

I have to say I really like this mask. It works well to revive my dull, dry skin (thank you, Winter!). All you have to do is leave the mask on for 5 minutes and then rub off in circular motions. It leaves your skin feeling incredibly soft and fresh. Considering I have been using a lot of harsher ingredients in my other skincare products, it was refreshing to put something on packed full of nutrients.

This mask isn’t going to transform your skin but definitely adds a nice glow and pick-me-up for drab skin.

Would I purchase this again? Yes.

Potent Brightening Serum

endota spa Potent Brightening Serum
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What is it?

“Potent Brightening Serum is a serum that will improve skin clarity, refine texture and increase hydration.”

What does it do?

“The formula contains the active Brightenyl™ which is four times more potent than vitamin C to help correct hyperpigmentation and brighten the complexion. It replenishes skin that has been dulled by age and damaged by acne or sun exposure. It also contains Actizyme™ to enhance skin cell renewal; 3-0-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid which brightens the skin; and nicotinamide to expertly moisturise the skin.”

My Review

My skin is the defintion of type ‘normal’ — not oily and not dry. In addition, it has a pretty high tolerance to harsher skincare products, so when I found a product in the Endota range that was named ‘potent’, I was really excited to try.

After a few applications I could tell that the brightening formula was working. My skin was noticeably more radiant and looked refreshed. Another positive is that I didn’t break out — something that is always a concern when adding new skincare into the mix.

Would I purchase this again? Yes, I could see a noticeable difference from using this product.

Super C Firming Serum

endota spa Super C Firming Serum
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What is it?

“This is a vitamin C serum that targets signs of ageing, and various skin concerns. Containing an encapsulated form of vitamin C, Sodium Hyaluronate , Sodium PCA, Ferulic Acidand and Allantoin.”

What does it do?

“It works to reduce the appearance of age spots, correct hyperpigmentation, and enhance skin firmness and brightness.”

The brand claims it can reduce the latter skin concerns by 35%.

My Review

The consistency of the product is very thick, tacky and almost grainy. However, I have found this to be the same with other Vitamin C products. It has been hard to assess the effectiveness of this product as I have been using it in conjunction with my normal skincare routine.

One thing for sure, is that after applying, my skin feels incredibly tight. I definitely wouldn’t say it made my skin feel dewy. I would say however, that my complexion is brighter and more radiant. It would be hard for me to back their claims on skin elasticity but I can certainly see skin colouration improvement from this product.

My concern would be effectiveness vs price. There many well-known skincare brands that offer really effective competing vitamin c products. It would be hard to convince them to pay for a product that is almost double the price.

Would I purchase this again? Maybe not. With this product, I couldn’t see an as noticeable improvement as I did with the Potent Brightening Serum. If I was going to fork out that much for a Vitamin C serum, I would probably opt for SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic.

Cellular Repair Face Cream

endota spa Cellular Repair Face Cream
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What is it?

“This is an intensely hydrating, peptide-rich moisturiser.”

What does it do?

“Skin-firming hexapeptides and octapeptides combine with hydrating niacinamide and antioxidant vitamin E to renew the vitality of your skin.”

My Review

I purchased this product, as it is winter here and I wanted something that would lock moisture into my skin, while fighting early signs on ageing.

On application, this feels hydrating, yet tightening on my skin and absorbs into the skin really quickly.

I have yet to notice any significant difference when it comes to fine lines or other signs of ageing — but also realise things don’t happen overnight! It’s a really nice moisturiser that has been a skin-saver throughout the colder months.

Would I purchase this again? Maybe not. While I do think this is a nice moisturiser, and would probably be well-suited to those with sensitive skin, I would likely not purchase this again. Why? Because you could definitely find a nourishing, antioxidant rich moisturiser like this at a drug-store for a fraction of the price.


Overall, I have been really happy with the products. What Endota Spa has done well, is allowing you take have the relaxing spa experience at home – something particularly important given states have been on lock down in the last few months.

What I would suggest is the brand invests more in getting the word out about their products via influencer marketing or affiliate reviews. The products are great and as consumers look to organically and Australian-made products, they have a real opportunity to gain more share of the market.