After The Best Way To Remove Fake Tan? Try These 5 Tips and Tricks

Having perfected a tanning routine over time, it has also been important to learn the best way to remove fake tan.

Perhaps you are wanting to remove the last layer of tan or you have tried a new product that didn’t turn out quite as expected.

Whatever your reason, at some point you will always have to remove fake tan.

Nothing can beat the feeling of a fresh spray tan, however, most of us dread the thought of removing patchy, stubborn tan once it starts to fade.

While we are patiently waiting for a miracle fake tan to hit the market that lasts for weeks with no patches, try the following tips for the best way to remove fake tan.

5 Tips for the Best Way To Remove Fake Tan

1. Use a Chemical Exfoliant

In the last few years, a number of effective fake tan remover products have been released by well-known tanning brands that help that unwanted layer come right off.

Bondi Sands is not only known for their amazing range of instant and gradual tanners, but they also have one of the best products for tan removal. The Bondi Sands Self Tan Eraser works to break down the DHA in the fake tan allowing you to seamlessly remove the tan without excessive scrubbing.

Leave the product on for 5 – 10 minutes and then begin gently exfoliating.

They do claim that you would have to have worn fake tan for 3 days prior to see the best results. This product would be most effective, however, around 5 – 7 days when your tan really starts to come off and you need a little extra help.

2. Scrub with Baby Oil

Whether you are applying or removing fake tan, well-hydrated skin will always provide the best results.

Trying to scrub and exfoliate already dry skin can end up causing some serious irritation and redness.

While we wouldn’t recommend baby oil before you are about the apply a tan, it can certainly be a great option for removing the fake tan.

Use this prior to exfoliating and let it absorb into your skin. This will help the tan loosen from the skin. Place onto particularly dry areas to help when scrubbing.

3. Get a Good Exfoliating Mitt!

Being possibly the best way to remove fake tan, a good exfoliating mitt should be an essential part of your tanning toolkit.

Exfoliating, combined with a number of these tips and tricks will allow you to effectively remove your fake tan. By gently scrubbing your skin with an exfoliating mitt, the dead skin cells along with your tan with gradually glide off your skin.

Additionally, exfoliating will help prep your skin for your next tan application.

Be careful not to be overly rough on your skin as some of these mitts work a little too well. Try exfoliating in circular motions and you should see the old tan scrub right off.

4. Take a Hot Bath, Shower or Visit a Steam Room

One of the best (and most relaxing) steps in a tan removal routine, is taking a hot bath, shower or visiting a steam room. This could be done after applying one of the tan removal products and in conjunction with exfoliating for the best results.

Taking a hot bath or a sauna session before you begin exfoliating or removing tanner will help significantly soften your skin.

Personally, I find that taking a bath is the most convenient option as it can often take a while to exfoliate. Soaking in a hot bath will also open the pores of your skin allowing some of that stubborn tan to come off easier when exfoliating. Add some bath oil to help make scrubbing a breeze – and leave your skin feel soft and refreshed!

5. Bi Carb Soda

Believe it or not, there are a few items that you probably have lying around the house that work well in removing fake tan.

The humble Bi Carb Soda can be mixed with water to create a DIY tan remover. You could either add this to a bath and soak or create a paste, apply it to your body and exfoliate after about 15-20 minutes.

Additionally, you could add part lemon juice for increased effect. Why lemon juice? Because it essentially bleaches the area and removes the pigmentation left by the tan.

You may have to repeat this a few times to break down the tan for stubborn patches.

Final Thoughts

Be aware that if you already have one coat of tan on (after a shower) it can be quite difficult to remove. Some particularly dry areas such as your knees, ankles, and elbows may be trickier to remove the tan from as it has already absorbed deeply into the skin.

However, trying a combination of these tips and tricks should help you easily remove fake tan, fast.

Also, it can be beneficial to try a few of these tips and tricks together to figure out the best way to remove fake tan on your skin. Those with dryer skin may find it a little more difficult to remove the tan once it sinks in.

An Essential in Your Tanning Toolkit: Fake Tan Remover Glove

One of the most important steps in your tanning routine should be to first exfoliate the skin. This will allow you to remove any dead skin and prep the skin for the next application of tan.

Regardless of whether you fake tan or not, exfoliating will allow you to scrub away dry and skin cells leaving you feeling fresh and smooth.

Many of our favourite tanning brands also offer their own fake tan remover gloves.

Here are some of our favourite Fake Tan Remover Gloves and why

Bondi Sands Exfoliating Glove is a dual-action mitt with a black side that prepares the skin by removing dead skin cells and fake tan residue, while the blue side of the mitt removes tanning mishaps – they happen to the best of us!

Loving Tan Tan Removing and Skin Polishing Glove is a salon-quality dual-sided glove with one intense side designed to thoroughly exfoliate the skin and a light-pink side for gentle exfoliation and revitalisation of the skin.

A great benefit of this glove, is that it is quite durable and can be washed many times without losing any of its toughness.

This mitt is great for increasing the natural luminosity of your skin and leaving it soft and supple.

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