7 Best Primers From Affordable to High-end

Why use foundation primer?

Foundation primer acts a layer between your skin and your makeup. It can help maintain your makeup throughout the day, even out your skin surface, minimise pores and prevent an oily appearance of your foundation.

There have been some questions within the beauty community on whether it is a necessary step in your makeup routine. Some would say it a must if you not only want to perfect your foundation but also keep a layer between your skin and the foundation chemicals. On the other hand, it is considered to be an unnecessary step if you already apply a moisturiser before your foundation.

Whether you are after the best primer for dry skin or the best primer for acne prone skin, there are a number of effective foundation priming products that can all provide different results depending on what it is you are after.

Below are listed some of the best foundation primers that will suit everyone’s budget.

1. The High-Adherence Silicone Primer

If you are after a primer to get a long-lasting makeup result, this will do the trick. The formula contains silicones which, once applied creates a flawless matte appearance and holds to the skin for greater adherence. It can even out fine lines and reduce the look of pores.

This product is lightweight and feels silky smooth on your skin. It comes at a very reasonable price (like all The Ordinary products!) and could pose as a cheaper alternative to Hourglass Mineral Veil.

Perfect for:

Those wanting a matte base

2. ELF Tone Adjusting Green Primer

The ELF primers (which can also be purchased in KMART) give their high-priced competitors a run for their money. The most popular is their Tone Adjusting Green formula as you might guess, it reduces red tones on your skin.

Importantly, this primer it holds your foundation in place, applies smoothly and creates a flawless base for makeup application.

This is a great foundation primer for a very, very reasonable price point.

Perfect for:

Those wanting to minimise the appearance of red tones

3. Maybelline Master Prime

As the product name suggests, Master Prime minimises the appearance of pores and also smoothes the surface of the skin prepping it for foundation application.

The light consistency of Master Prime means that it is able to be spread quite easily and the beneficial ingredients increases the adhesion of foundation keeping your make up long lasting.

Perfect for:

Those looking to smooth large pores

4. L’Oreal Infaillible Luminizing Primer

The L’Oreal Infaillible Luminizing primer has a distinct formula that applies in a pearly, smooth consistency. It immediately provides an obvious glow to your skin that provides a luminous base to your foundation.

While a full coverage foundation will minimise the effect of this primer, perhaps mixing this into your foundation will achieve an all-around glowy base.

The Infallible product line also includes Anti Redness Primer, Pore Redefining Primer and a Mattifying Primer to suit various skin types and needs.

Perfect for:

Those who want an obvious glow underneath their makeup

5. NYX Honey Dew Me Up

As you may have guessed, this product is suited to those after a dewy makeup look. Containing ingredients such as honey and collagen, Honey Dew Me Up creates a smooth, moisturized, tacky base for your makeup to go on.

The product applies smoothly allowing your foundation to be applied well. The end result leaving your face looking bright and illuminated.

Perfect for:

Those looking for an illuminated, dewy makeup look

6. The POREfessional Face Primer

The reason this cult-favourite primer is so popular is because it actually delivers on what it promises. The oil-free formula smooths the skin, minimises pores and is well-suited to most skin types.

Once the translucent primer is applied, it will hold your makeup perfectly in place, fight oil build-up and creates a beautiful canvas for makeup application.

While the product itself is quite small, a little goes a long way with one tube potentially lasting more than 6 months.

Perfect for:

Those wanting to minimise pores and uneven skin textures

7. Laura Mercier Foundation Primer Radiance

One of the more expensive priming products, Laura Mercier Radiance Primer is favoured for a good reason. The light-weight gel texture contains a number of beneficial ingredients such as Jojoba Oil, Vitamins A, C & E that keeps skin hydrated and radiant.

It works well to hold your makeup in place and maintain a fresh appearance. Additionally, the non-greasy formula makes this primer suited to all skin types.

Perfect for:

Those looking for a reliable foundation primer to suit varied skin types